Online Text Editor

A web app that allows you to create, edit, share and save rich text documents via a unique url.

Create a new document by clicking the Launch Editor button below.

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Rich Text

A rich text editor that allows you to write text online full of rich formatting options like highlighted text, bold, italic, underline, fonts, font sizes, font colors, bullet points, numbered lists, tables and more.


Writeurl documents can be shared through a unique url accessible to anyone with the url. This makes it easy for select users to work on the document with you or to drive traffic to a landing page.


Sharing an editable url with a friend, family member or work collegaue allows you to collaborate and write text online together.

Password Lock

Add a password to your document to ensure it's completly private and unaccessible by anyone except you. This allows users to securly work on documents.

All Platforms

Writeurl is an online text editor meaning that it's a web based platform accessible on all platorms and web browsers. No need to download an app.

Editable / Uneditable URLS

Share an editable or unedtiable version of your url depending on the situation. Editable urls allows users to collaborate on the document and uneditable urls lets you share your work without the ability for users to edit.

How to use Writeurl

  1. First, click the Launch Editore button above.
  2. Then enter text, images or videos in the text box.
  3. Share the url with anyone or on any platform.
  4. Create additional text files by clicking + button inthe editor.

Use Cases for Writeurl

Rich Text Editor

Writeurl can be used as a rich text editor for the creation of rich content that can be made private or public across the web.

Write Text Online

If you're a writer, our rich text editor can be used as a text writer with formatting options to bring your writting to life.

Landing Pages

Create a rich landing page for your company that can be an informational landing page and help with SEO.

Create or Edit Code

The Writeurl rich text editor includes an option to write code with the ability to share your code with a collegaue for collaboration.

Search Engine Optimization

Writeurl can help boost your url search ranking by allowing users to post in-depth informational pages about their products and services.

What is an Online Text Editor?

An online text editor is a web-based application that allows users to write text online within a web browser without the need to download an app or software.

There are two main types, plain text editors and rich text editors. A rich text editor, like Writeurl, lets users write text online with formatting options such as bold, italic, underline, different fonts, font sizes, colors, and text alignment, bullet points, numbered lists, indentation, tables. Many of them also allow users to insert images, videos and hyperlinks.

The primary advantage of an online text editor is the convenience of creating documents directly in a browser rather than installing and paying for content management systems like Wordpress or Squarespace. Users can simply visit Writeurl and immediately create a document that can be private or shared via an unique url to be worked on collaboratively.

In summary, online text editors like Writeurl, enables users to write text online while offering the ability to format text, similar to what you'd find in a website creation platform or word processing software. This makes them a valuable tool for anyone who would like to create a visually appealing and well-structured document in a web browser.