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Online Text Editor Tips

File Name

The File Name field allows users to give their rich text document a name so when it's shared via an uneditable url, it can be efficiently indexed for SEO purposes.


The Share button will open a module where the editable or uneditable url to your rich text document can be copied and shared through email, slack, chat, social media or elsewhere.


The Lock button allows you to add a password to your document so it's completely private. This is useful if you're working on content that needs an extra layer of security.


The Download button does just that, downloads the contents of your document into an html file.


The Plus button creates a new unique url in a new tab. This is helpful if you'd like to work on multiple rich text documents at a time.

Auto Save

The content entered is auto saved so you can pause and come back to your document anytime to continue where you left off.

Unique URLs

Each document has a unique url that can be bookmarked or shared anywhere on the web.