Transvestite Travesty

Transvestite Travesty

Transvestite Travesty
Anti-fact-ihst "blackshirt" Antifa Clashes With Protesters Over 5 Year Olds Having Access To Sexualized Books In Kindergarten!!!

Interestingly, hormone disrupting drug hussling moron pedofiliac lgbtqia+ propaganda is especially rife in toxic fluoridated gaslighting mk-ultra central national demonic socialist democrat international H.ospitalier H.ostile-pity-lairs.

Anything to do with the Canaanite-Edomite-Kenite-Samaelite CULT Great Greta Reichstag Reset 6is 6rics 6ullihst of some illegitimate sodomite named Kinqy CHiLd's ARSE der turd unde still-berthed at the docks corpse-pirate Dath veYette der Fabian Wulf Focke's inter-family-nudity and pervert-sex-party CQV-id coronae-V-reus fat shit Mdma-Meth fetish for "hang--eat-climac" with bad-Girls-Jewelry, vain-KRudd, Hitlery Clitnon and HELL'S LNG-S.A.?

Has the aula regis ever thought about giving heed to the forebodings of revelators or are they too busy trading statues?

6is 6rics 6easts

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