The lore.

The lore.

Now I need to clear some things out before I start this madness. If you don't wanna read this text then don't do it, like bro if you don't care about the Void lore then just don't spend your time reading. I don't wanna hear someone say "I just wasted my time reading about Void lore" -🤓 like bro no one cares. With that out of the way, I wanna say that I won't be typing everything with perfect English, I'm still learning English so don't judge me. I don't expect people to read all of this text but that's not the point, the point with this is to make the small number of people that care have something to read instead of asking me stuff about what Void is all the time (i also have nothing better to do so I'm wasting my life on this). I'm not gonna be able to type everything I want to type down today, I will have to come back and update the text.

text information.
This text is about the Void, mostly of its lore and its history. What it is and why people are talking about it. This text is not only gonna be about the Void empire, but I am gonna talk about some stuff that happened in the server cause it is lore in itself. Now when I say Void then everyone thinks about different things, so I hope with this text you will be able to understand what Void truly means. please don't talk with me about some other random-ass "Void" thing u found on the internet. for example, there is this YouTuber called Void, and bro that have nothing to do with the lore.  

What is Void?
Well, the Void is not a simple thing to explain. I have tried dodging this question in the past cause I know it's not a simple thing to answer. Well first of all Void is an element, it exists everywhere but at the same time nowhere. it exists where nothing else does. Now I'm not good with biological shit but the Void is like a living organism, you could call it alive. it is a chemical reaction that is made when darkness doesn't see light in many centuries. Void has an extreme amount of power. It is radioactive for some people, some people could die just by lightly touching the element. The element can change in form and appearance if it needs to. Now I have to remove the confusion going around, people call me Void but I ain't the element, my full name is Void lord but more on that later.

The Void religion.
before the Void, there was a small number of people that believed that believing in the light (another element) would show your life's point, that it would show some type of truth that told you why you exist and the point. Sadly this led to a lot of drama and people got mad when the believers didn't get what they got promised. I even myself was in this drama when it first happened and I made my choice to not support the light after that. 2 years later I created my religion when instead of praying to the light I prayed to the Void. After a while, people started to pray to them exactly as I did. the element is like a god to us, its extreme power makes the believers stronger and smarter beyond human limits. 

the 10 golden rules of void beings:
1. always follow their lord in every decision it takes
2. Always hail void
3. never give up on what you put your mind on
4. Never do any actions if it affects the lord negatively in anyways
5.  Never fight because you have to win, fight because you have to complete what you started
6. a true void being never stopped being a void being
7. Never believe in anyone else than yourself and the lord
8. never disrespect other void beings
9. Anything that happens with the lord and the void being shall not change the fact that you have to follow these rules
10. All of these rules can be modified if the lord gains anything from it

The 10 golden rules of void beings are designed to ensure that followers of the void are loyal and committed to serving their lord, while also maintaining a sense of discipline and respect towards other void beings.

Rule 1 emphasizes the importance of following the void lord in every decision it takes, indicating that the void lord is the leader of the void beings and that its decisions are to be followed without question. This rule is intended to ensure that the void beings work as a cohesive unit and that their actions are aligned with the goals of the void lord.
Rule 2, "Always hail void," is a form of worship for the element. The void beings believe that by showing their devotion to the void, they can harness its power and become stronger and more capable.
Rule 3 highlights the importance of persistence and determination. The void beings believe that by never giving up on what they put their minds to, they can achieve great things and become even more powerful.
Rule 4 is designed to ensure that the actions of the void beings never negatively impact the void lord. This rule is intended to maintain the integrity and honor of the void beings, ensuring that they do not act in a way that would betray their loyalty to the lord.
Rule 5 stresses the importance of completing what one starts, rather than just fighting to win. This rule is intended to ensure that the void beings act with purpose and intention, rather than just engaging in meaningless conflict.
Rule 6 emphasizes the lifelong commitment to being a void being. Once someone becomes a void being, they are expected to maintain that identity and loyalty for the rest of their life.
Rule 7 is about having faith in oneself and the void lord. The void beings believe that by having confidence in themselves and their leader, they can achieve great things and overcome any obstacles.
Rule 8 is intended to maintain a sense of respect and honor among the void beings. The void beings are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of any differences or disagreements.
Rule 9 highlights the unwavering commitment of the void beings to follow the 10 golden rules. No matter what happens, the void beings are expected to remain loyal to their lord and follow these rules at all times.
Finally, Rule 10 acknowledges that the void lord has the power to modify these rules as necessary. This rule is intended to ensure that the void beings remain flexible and adaptable, able to respond to changes in their environment or circumstances.

Overall, the 10 golden rules of void beings are designed to promote loyalty, discipline, and respect among followers of the void. By following these rules, the void beings believe that they can harness the power of the void and achieve great things.

So that's all for now people. ill continue some other time :)

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