Authentic Indian Snacks from Indian Stores in the U.S

Authentic Indian Snacks from Indian Stores in the U.S

Indian grocery stores and sweet shops across the country sell Indian sweets and snacks from popular brands such as Haldirams, Janaki’s, Telugu, Thalaiva, Aanandh, Amma’s kitchen, Mirchi masala, and more. But have you ever wondered how snacks with a guaranteed shelf life of about a year can be free from preservatives?
The reason is that the longer shipping time (3+ months) requires preservatives to keep them edible. The water available in Canada and the USA also greatly impacts the taste of these snacks. Additionally, the use of automated machines instead of traditional preparation methods and the lack of human touch also make a significant difference in taste. Most importantly, these sweets and snacks lack the legacy recipes and preparation methods that give them their authentic taste.
You have just shut down your laptop and leaned back on your couch. You are working from home, there’s no impending commute, and a long evening stretches ahead of you. Yet, it feels like something is missing. You my friend, have a serious case of the munchies!
Evenings are snack time, especially on work days and religiously on weekends. The English have their ‘Afternoon Tea’, there is ‘Fika’ in Sweden, and then there are the Indians with their beloved ‘Chai naashta’ or ‘Adda’. What’s an evening without a snack to munch on?
Have you considered trying the blockbuster South Indian snacks?

Crispy, fried, spicy or sweet, there’s overwhelming diversity in South Indian snacks. They are so good that you will love to munch on them non-stop. Here are the top five that you definitely shouldn’t miss.
The treasure trove of South Indian flavours
These South Indian munchies are so good that they won’t let you stop. The regional varieties spanning the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana can mesmerise you and make snack time your favourite part of the day. Catch some South Indian action (or drama) on your favourite OTT platform while you are at it.

Whenever you’re craving South Indian snacks, we will make sure it reaches you. We specialize in a range of South Indian snacks and sweets and we ship worldwide. Take a break and relive your childhood memories or simply explore new South Indian flavours. Order something delicious to munch on!

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