Reasons Why a Holiday Break Is the Best Way to Start the New Year

Reasons Why a Holiday Break Is the Best Way to Start the New Year

As 2022 ends and the new year looms over like ominous clouds, one usually feels a sense of trepidation for the unknown and the uncertainty each new year brings. While there are a lot of traditions and superstitions known to ensure that the entrance of the new year will bring forth peace, prosperity, and goodwill, there is always one tried and tested solution that will surely lift the spirits of anyone for the new year, and that is kickstarting it with a vacation.

Here are some top 3 reasons you should take it easy and start the year on a positive note by taking a trip!

1. A Trip Will Make the Start of your Year Memorable
The first week back at work after the holidays marks the beginning of the new year for most people. Now comes the hard part; many people find the transition from their lengthy vacations to their instant return to their busy, bustling workdays extremely tiring. When they return to work, they may find that the holidays have created a financial mess that needs to be cleaned up in addition to the backlog of work waiting for them to complete.

This immediately creates a sense that the new year is not off to a good start, and it is known that a negative mindset makes everything else harder. To put off these bad vibes, a little delay is called for. For example, go on an extended, much-deserved vacation by booking an ocean view suite or holiday accommodation in Antigua.

Get your much-needed serotonin boost by greeting the first sunrise of 2023 with the perfect beach view and kick off the year with an iced martini in hand by the docks of the Caribbean sea! The entire year may not always go in your favor, but at least you entered the new year with a bang!

2. Vacations are an Exact Science…Sort of
Time away from work is beneficial to both physical and mental well-being. Take a vacation, and you'll feel less pressure, have a more positive attitude, have more energy, and be more likely to accomplish your objectives.

Neuroscientists have discovered that anxiety and depression can be brought on by structural changes in the brain caused by prolonged exposure to stress. To reduce stress, take that vacation you've been putting off. Without the stress of daily life, your mind and body will be able to heal significantly.

When we take a break, we feel rejuvenated and re-energized mentally. This leads to better sleep, a more positive outlook, and increased efficiency. Spending undistracted time with loved ones and making memories is enjoyable and beneficial to our relationships.

3. You Will Come Back More Efficient
Hitting that reset button will ensure you return to the labor force more refreshed and rejuvenated than ever.

Cutting off all work-related communication for a week ensures that you can take a much-needed rest, according to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, taking a vacation once a year can cut the risk of heart attack by as much as 30% in men and as much as 50% in women.

It should be no surprise that prolonged overwork has disastrous effects on productivity, health, and happiness. Excessive work has been associated with depression and heart problems.

So, You Should Take a Vacation. But where?

Imagine sunning yourself beneath palmy fronds as the predawn chill makes your skin as misty as your umbrella-frilled iced tea. You wait and watch for the slow sunrise from the pink-lemonade skies of Antigua, a world away from all work-related emails and calls. It’s the new year, and all is well. If you can imagine yourself in this place, you’re halfway to Tamarind Hills.

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