How to Fix Backup Company File Issues in QuickBooks Desktop?

How to Fix Backup Company File Issues in QuickBooks Desktop?

Since data is regarded as being the most important component of a business, QuickBooks maintains all of this important data on the disk space of your computer. Data loss can occur as a result of hardware malfunction or malicious infestation. In order to prevent problems like this, it is crucial to frequently backup your data. If you discover that QuickBooks is unable to back up company files, use the instructions in this article to rapidly fix the problem. Follow the article through to the end for detailed troubleshooting information if you are also receiving the "QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File" or "QuickBooks backup failed" errors.

A Brief Description of QuickBooks Company File Backup Error
Errors during backup are possible if you're attempting to backup numerous company files or if the file you're attempting to backup is large in size. Another situation where QuickBooks won't backup is when the backup storage device is often changed. One of the below error messages may appear on your screen if you run into the issue:
“[Backup Failed: QuickBooks was unable to back up your company file.  QuickBooks could not create a disk image]”
“Backup Failed: QuickBooks was unable to back up your company file. QuickBooks could not copy the company file]

Causes of QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company File Error
The absence of the storage device used to store the backup file is the main reason for the issue. For instance, QuickBooks backups are no longer created on the external storage device that was once attached to the PC. 
Failure to backup the data in QuickBooks is also a result of damage to the company file data. 
Incorrect backup path configuration can result in QuickBooks freezing or showing the user a backup failed error. 
Lack of memory space to store the backup file is a further situation in which QuickBooks cannot backup a company file.

Methods To Resolve QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company File Error
Method 1: Creating the New Company File Name in QuickBooks Desktop 
The first step in the process is to select an existing company from the QuickBooks 'File menu' and then click 'Open or Restore
The user must then select "Open a company file" and then click "Next". 
Choose the "New company file name" and touch "Open" to complete the process. 
Keep in mind that the most recent version of QuickBooks should be installed on your PC.

Method 2: Backing up a Business File to a Flash Drive or External Disc 
Visiting the "File" menu and selecting the "Save Copy or Backup" option is the first step. 
Following that choose the 'Backup copy' and then tap on 'Next'. 
The user then needs to choose "Local Backup" and then "Next" after finishing that. 
The user should then click "Next" after selecting "Save it now" when prompted. 
Then select a folder on the local drive, and then click the "save" button. 
Minimize QuickBooks Desktop before moving on to the next action. 
Find the backup file on your local drive right now. 
Right-click the file and then choose "copy" from the menu that appears. 
When you're finished, launch a "Windows Explorer" window. 
The external drive or flash drive will thereafter be opened when you double-click the drive letter that it is given. 
To continue, simply perform right-click on "File" and choose the "Paste" option.

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