Rich Text editor

WriteURL is a rich text editor. You can write in all languages. The text can be formatted with bold, italic, underline, fonts, text size, line spacing etc.
Links and images can be included

No registration

WriteURL has no registration and is free to use. WriteURL is the simplest way to start writing lists, notes, blog posts and more

Simple sharing

Sharing is as simple as emailing a URL. Collaborators get the write URL, live readers get the read URL. You can always publish a snapshot of the document as a web page with a publish URL.


Collaborators can work simultaneously. Changes to the document are visible to all writers and readers in real-time.

No files

No emails with file attachments. No confusion about who has the latest version. No need to merge changes into the document.


You can start new documents and edit existing documents offline. Changes to the document are saved on your device and sent to the server when online again.


Your content is always secure and only visible if you share a write URL, read URL or publish your work with a publish URL.


The entire document history is stored on the server. In a future version you will be able to view the timeline.


Write URL

Read URL